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Wouldn’t you love to have a top-tier, professional accounting system in place to make your business the efficient, profitable operation you dreamed it to be?

Here’s what a Certified Accountant can do for your business…

• Have all your paper work organized and neatly filed – important client documents will be at your fingertips.

• Have certified, trusted advisor on your side, who knows the up-to-date information about tax credits and deductions that could save you thousands of dollars.

• Get connected to a dedicated professional who keeps up-to-date with the new laws and tax codes. 

• Find a seasoned, motivated accountant - who stays current on new deductions, restrictions, and changes that impact your business.

• Gain more time to prioritize money making-strategies to grow your business rapidly.

• Take advantage of other money-making ideas (with your accounting in trusted hands!)

• Banks will notice you actually handle your books properly - this will make it much easier to get a loan… so you can expand your business!

• You don't have to staff a full time employee or do it yourself when you hire a certified accountant.

• You can use your new-found free time to get more enjoyment out of your life away from the office – take vacations, do your favorite sports or just relax!


Here's the key eight services where accountants can help you save money, precious time and make your business a success!
You can choose the ones that are the best fit for your business…

•    Accounting Setup This is the first step when you are establishing an accounting system within your business. This usually includes setting up invoicing and payment processes, your chart of accounts and other systems that prevent errors or fraud in your accounting practices.


•    Audits – Financial audits are required for publicly registered businesses. Some private businesses request financial audits due to lenders or if you want an unbiased outsider to look over the financial statements - to see what is happening in their business. Charities usually have financial audits to show the status of the charity to new potential donors. A financial audit adds credibility to your financial statement. It represents that your financial statements are accurate because they are reviewed by a third party and fairly presented.     


•    BookkeepingKeeping your records straight so you can find them easily is critical for your success. You need to keep track of all your sales, receipts, purchases and payments you make. When bookkeeping, all your transactions are recorded in the right place shortly after the actual transaction takes place.


•    PayrollThis includes paying your employees and ensuring the proper taxes are taken out from paychecks.


•    Tax PreparationThe preparation of federal and state taxes along with planning for your yearly taxes.


A few suggestions:

Always make sure you understand the policies and charges before starting service with any new company.


Be sure to interview several accountants before hiring one to be sure that you hire the one that fits your needs best.


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